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JULY 2017

Hello all!

July is known for summertime, BBQ’s, and pools. Please be careful of what you give your pets this 4th of July weekend, keeping in mind that your furry ones do NOT digest the same way that we do! As far as fireworks are concerned, many pets can be affected by the scary noise. Please feel free to call GFAH with any questions/concerns on how to handle these situations

Things to look forward to in July:

- July 9thh is the monthly Cin City Reptile Show. As baby Gallardo quickly approaches, Dr. & Mrs. Gallardo will unfortunately not be attending many upcoming Reptile shows. Thank you for understanding. This does not mean that Dr. Gallardo is not just a simple phone call away to answer all your reptilian questions.

- New changes are always happening at GFAH as we strive to continually adapt to the wants and needs of our patients and clients. You can always check our Facebook page and our website, for the latest up to date information.

We are excited to say that we have spayed/neutered over 50 animals last month for Louie’s Legacy and their adoption numbers are looking excellent! We couldn’t be happier! You can see their little guys up for adoption on their website:

We encourage everyone to follow us online and on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media. If you have any questions please contact us! Please feel free to stop into the office during business hours to introduce yourself & your pets to us as we strive to maintain a close relationship and a family-friendly environment.


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  • Referral Rewards!  A rewards program in which any client that refers someone to us will get a $10 credit on his or her account!
  • This month’s Reptile Show will be June 11th at Tori’s Station in Fairfield, OH
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